PacCon Construction is selective in bringing together design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment to provide you the best value while maintaining the highest quality. Through design-build, we are able to offer the following:

Faster Delivery – Collaborative project management ensures work is completed faster with fewer problems

Cost Savings – Our team is geared towards efficiency and innovation, minimizing change orders

Better Quality – Meets performance and functionality needs

Decreased Administrative Burden – Streamlined communication allows owners to focus on the project rather than managing disparate contracts

Reduced Risk – Design Build team assumes the additional risk



Commercial Construction includes the building & renovating of commercial, office and retail tenant spaces. “PacCon” has extensive experience in having our team efficiently coordinate with the owner, property manager and all parties involved in the project. Our ability to work closely with others ensures your project meets its financial goals in the established timeline while adhering to technical and quality craftsmanship.



Whether constructing a new home ground up, expanding for multi-family living or dreaming of that fabulous kitchen, PacCon Construction is dedicated to working with you in customizing “your” home to fit “your” needs. Adhering to project timelines and maintaining your financial goals are established through open communication and innovative solutions.

Building Solutions – Our team of professionals have the skilled expertise in working with wood, steel and concrete to deliver superior homes. Committed to the success and increased adoption of sustainable green products, PacCon Construction invested in reusable aluminum steel forms. Building with this material provides a solid structure that is termite proof and fire resistant, which in turn saves on homeowner’s insurance and maintenance costs.

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